Mosevic Shades of Denim

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A new chapter for Denim

Scrolling on Instagram, I stumbled upon Mosevic Eyeware. I would have never thought of using Denim as a material for the glasses’ frame in a million years. This is so mind-blowing that I still can’t wrap my head around it. I was so impressed that I had to go through all the posts and reels just to understand the adventure behind this rebel idea.

The story of Mosevic

Mosevic - Jack Spencer
Mosevic – Jack Spencer

Met Jack Spencer, the Founder of Mosevic. It all started 8 years ago when he came up with the idea of turning upcycling denim waste into a strong composite material, using resin. Now you are probably asking, why would he do that? Well, Jack wanted to turn this solid material into frames for glasses. Not knowing much about eyeglasses at the time, and not realizing how difficult the entire process was, Jack attempted his first prototype on the kitchen table. As he later admits, it was far from perfect. But back then he knew if he continues to improve the process, he will end up with an interesting product.

Now, after many hundreds of trials – as you can see on his Instagram reels – Jack perfected the technique and the end result is beautiful. Whoever thought that floppy denim could be transformed into luxury sunglasses? Well, Jack did. And so Mosevic was launched. The startup was founded in Cornwall, England and was entirely managed by Jack.

The process

Mosevic - Micarta
Mosevic – Micarta

Jack infuses many layers of denim with resin and presses the whole thing until it’s dry. The end result is a strong composite material like carbon fibre – aka Solid Denim/Micarta – that feels and looks like denim. Then, with his talent and crafty hands, Jack transforms it into a luxury piece of eyewear with brass reinforcements and polarised Zeiss lenses.

Sunglasses handmade from Solid Denim

When people first get to try on the Shades of Denim, they always say how impressed they are with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. ‘Substantial’ is a word that frequently gets used to describe the feel of the lightweight Solid Denim with brass reinforcements. These sunglasses feel and indeed are, reassuringly well made.

Polarized Zeiss Lenses

The Polarized Zeiss lenses block out 100% of the harmful UV light, making everything look better. They filter out light waves in such a way that it reduces glare. This can happen when the sun is low in the sky or when the light reflects from a wet surface like the ocean.

Need a Prescription? Choose ‘Frame Only’

As another option, you can get the Shades of Denim fitted with your prescription by your optician. By choosing ‘Frame Only’, the eyeglasses will come with dummy lenses so the frame keeps its shape during transit. Once you’ve got them, head to your optician and they can fit your prescription. All guidance is included as this is a frame material that no other optician has seen before.

Where to find them


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