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GoPro Hero10 Black: Why you should not upgrade

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GoPro Hero10 Black compared to its predecessors

Every once in a while GoPro makes big leaps forward announcing great features on its action cameras. The first innovation breakthrough started with the GoPro Hero5. The camera was waterproof. From now on, you could use the camera in a water environment without the external waterproof case. And it meant a lot not having to pay for the expensive accessories. Another step forward was with the GoPro Hero7 when GoPro introduced the HyperSmooth stabilisation. For those who don’t know what that is, the feature allowed you to record smoother and better videos. And that’s a result of a more powerful microchip and memory.

Should I upgrade

As you can see these were all great improvements that should convince you to upgrade from your old gadget. Now comes the question: what should I do? Should I upgrade to the Hero10 Black?

Is it worth upgrading?

So if you already own a Hero9 model, we would recommend you wait for the next release. The GoPro Hero10 has refined most of the features we saw on the Hero9 but hasn’t come up yet with something new wordy of placing the camera among the two predecessors we mention at the beginning (Hero5 and Hero7).

Also, feel free to read the entire review to fully understand the new features and capabilities of the camera. We are quite sure, it will help you make a decision on whether to buy it or not.

You don’t have an action camera

On the other side, if you are looking to purchase your first action camera, then things are a little bit different. The GoPro Hero10 Black comes with quite a few new shooting modes and better usability compared to other cameras on the market. That makes it the best action camera you can purchase now.

Looking for a cheaper alternative

When it comes to a tight budget then we would have a different recommendation. Please have a read of our recent article about the cheapest alternatives to the GoPro cameras.

GoPro Hero10 Black

Let’s have a closer look at the camera’s new specs. The device is powered by the revolutionary new GP2 processor, which improves performance in many areas, most notably by doubling the frame rate at 5.3k resolution. On top of all that, the device is cloud-connected so the moment you charge it, your footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud. On the downside, the battery remains the same capacity as the Hero9. Plus, the design of the new flagship resembles its predecessor.

Product Details

  • Includes HERO10 Black camera, carrying case, rechargeable battery, curved adhesive mounts, mounting buckle + thumb screw, USB-C cable and free SD card.
  • All-new GP2 processor makes this the most powerful GoPro ever
  • Unreal 5.3K60 + 4K120 video resolution + 23 megapixel photos
  • Advanced HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization
  • Waterproof to 33ft + built tough
  • Automatically upload footage to the cloud when charging
  • TimeWarp 3.0, 8X Slo-Mo + tons of other features to nail any shot
  • Compatible with the Quik app
  • Compatible with over 30 mounts + accessories

New GP2 Processor

The biggest upgrade on the camera is the brand new GP2 processor. Now you can use the full capabilities of the image sensor. On the previous camera (Hero9), with the old processor, the 23-megapixel sensor was only able to achieve 20 megapixels.

Also, everything got faster and better than ever. The performance and the frame rate have doubled across all of the higher resolution videos. The touch screen interface is more responsive giving the user a smooth and nice experience while using the live preview mode. It’s quicker to start recording or taking pictures.

Overall, the GoPro Hero10 Black is performing like the action camera you always hoped for.

Improved Video Frame Rates – 5.3k60, 4k120 and 2.7k240

As we mentioned previously, the frame rates across the board have doubled. And this is something we’ve seen on every GoPro camera. They always come with faster frame rates for video. With the new GP2 processor, the highest resolution is now up from 5k to 5.3k. Now, you can record in high resolution at 60 fps, 4k video at 120 fps or down to 2.7k at 240 fps. These frame rates are fantastic for recording any kind of extreme sports or even day-to-day activities.

23 Megapixel Still Images

With the new processor, the 23-megapixel sensor works at full capacity while the SuperPhoto turns all the pictures into beautiful HDR images that don’t require any later editing.

For users with more photographic experience, you can shoot in RAW mode. The GoPro Hero10 doesn’t replace a DSLR camera but still the results are impeccable.

Low Light Improvements

The photos and videos taken with the previous models look great when there is plenty of light around. But they often fell apart when you shoot in low light situations, such as recording indoor videos, or when you are in nature and you want to take a memorable photo or video at dawn.

Now, that is not a problem anymore. The new sensor capabilities powered by the GP2 processor allow you to shoot in low light conditions. The footage quality is fantastic.

HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilisation

The HyperSmooth feature was introduced with Hero7 back in September 2018. Over the years it got better, and now the latest version, HyperSmooth 4.0 can stabilise the footage to cover 45 degrees instead of the previous 27 degrees. It works on 5.3k30, 4k60 and 2.7k120.

As a result, even if you are recording something that involves moving the camera a lot, like snowboarding or riding a mountain bike, the Hero10 Black will render smoother footage, thanks to the HyperSmooth 4.0 image stabilisation capable of running at higher resolutions and frame rates.

Things that could be improved

The GoPro Hero10 Black is an amazing action camera. We have highlighted most of the great features the gadget presents but now has come the time to talk a little bit about what could be improved. And hopefully, these will be considered in the next release. There are two things that we would like improved so, GoPro hears us out.

Optical zoom capability

The first one is the optical zoom capability. At the moment, the camera has a digital zoom and changes the digital lenses between SuperView, Wide, Linear and Narrow. We know that digital zoom uses magnification technology to enlarge an area of an image. As a result, the integrity of the image is compromised by cutting down on megapixels.

It would be fantastic to have a 2x optical zoom built in. Imagine the possibilities when it comes to recording from a different perspective, one that’s not the typical GoPro fish-eye view.


The second thing where we could see an improvement is the audio part. Of course, this is a tiny camera and we don’t expect to have a professional microphone built into it. But, when you record yourself the audio quality that comes from the front-facing microphone is not that great. Especially when you are in a high-wind environment, like on a mountain or on the beach.


To summarise everything in a few words is that the GoPro Hero10 Black is overall a great camera, with many features and upgrades. Especially when it comes to its revolutionary GP2 processor.

If you decide to purchase the GoPro Hero10 Black, we also recommend getting a GoPro subscription to their cloud storage service too.

We thank you for reading our review and if you have any questions please leave a comment below. We read all our comments and it will be a pleasure to help you as much as we can.