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God of War Ragnarök

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Sony Santa Monica presents the highly-anticipated sequel to one of the greatest video games of all time: God of War Ragnarok. Experience an epic journey as Kratos, a fierce and younger member of the family, and witness how this game manages to reach new heights and surpass its predecessor in every way. With exceptional writing, performances, and music, you’ll be fully immersed in the expansive Norse world, and feel your heart race with emotion as the story unfolds. And just as the story captures your heart, the ferocious combat will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t miss out on this monumental action epic that solidifies its place as a landmark in the gaming industry. Pick up where the story left off, as Kratos embarks on a new journey to find a missing Norse god in a broader and varied universe, with his son Atreus by his side, as they face the approaching Ragnarok. Note that prior knowledge of the first game is required or at least watching the story recap before playing this sequel.

God of War Ragnarök Preview

God of War Ragnarök

The story may not be as tightly told as its predecessor, but it more than makes up for it with its grand designs and epic scale. The game takes you on a thrilling journey, with a momentum that never slows down and a bombastic ending that will leave you speechless. You’ll be fully engrossed in the story, which spans over 28 hours, and with plenty of side quests to complete and secrets to uncover, you’ll have a lot to explore and discover after the main journey is over. The story centers around prophecy and sacrifice, questioning the concept of destiny and family ties. Expect to find deep and well-developed characters and a truly special and fitting conclusion to Kratos’ Norse saga.

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The engaging game story with twists and turns

God of War Ragnarok features a complex and engaging story with twists and turns and a mix of intense action and emotional moments. The game features characters old and new, including unique depictions of Norse gods like Thor and Odin, with smartly written dialogue and well-developed characters. The game has moments of self-aware humor, while still exploring heavy themes such as trauma, personal history, and the cycle of violence between parents and their children. The game’s protagonist, Kratos, is portrayed through a powerful performance by Christopher Judge, and his journey is one of violence, death, and seeking closure. The story delves deep into raw and human emotions, as it explores what happens when they are channeled through superhuman vessels.

Diverse and well-performed character

God of War Ragnarök Characters

The game features a diverse and well-performed cast, with each character given their own moments to shine. Freya, portrayed by Danielle Bisutti, is a major threat to the protagonist and her portrayal is powerful and fierce and provides a much darker shadow in this sequel. Other characters like Atreus, Mimir, Angrboda, Týr, Brok, and Sindri all bring their own unique characteristics and charm to the story and provide a good balance of humor and helpful information in the game. With a cast of new and returning characters, the game offers a wide variety of performances that give depth and nuance to the story and the world of the game.

Visual and graphic

It also features the talented composer Bear McCreary, whose score is just as powerful and dynamic as the game itself. The music seamlessly transitions from emotional and beautiful to raw and intense during the fight scenes. The game’s visuals are stunning, from the detailed costume and world design to the little details like the engravings on a dagger, the animation is also top-notch, with realistic character movements and facial expressions during combat. The game’s presentation is polished and well-crafted, with every element from the sound to the animations showcasing attention to detail.

Game Combat


Ragnarok features intense and graphic violence as the protagonist, Kratos, impales and rips apart enemies in tight and dangerous arenas. The game’s combat is influenced by older games but with a focus on cinematic spectacle rather than chaotic and cartoonish action. The axe and blade mechanics are mostly similar to the previous game, but with a greater emphasis on using the blades for hooking and maneuvering enemies around the arena, making them feel nostalgic and modern at the same time. The game’s combat is an improvement over the previous game and is visually stunning with no exceptions.

New tricks and abilities

Leviathan Axe

God of War Ragnarok features combat with new tricks and abilities that players can utilize. The axe can be powered up by holding the triangle button and the blades can be ignited by mashing the same button. The shield has become an offensive tool and different types can be bought and crafted to fit the player’s playstyle. Runic abilities return and each is devastatingly effective. Brutal finishers are also included and there is a good amount of variety in the randomly chosen, weapon-specific animations to keep the game from getting boring. All of these new combat elements give an extra tactical edge to the gameplay.

Kratos’s movement has been improved in this installment, he can now move more swiftly and with more agility. The new grapple feature allows him to ascend from a distance using the blades and jump across gaps for quick attacks. The new arena design offers an extra dimension to the battles, allowing Kratos to jump from ledges and deliver deadly blows from above. The combat sequences feel intense, much like the Doom kill boxes, as you can dash and swing around elevated platforms while juggling your abilities, Atreus’s arrows, and your rage meter to efficiently and spectacularly defeat all enemies in your way.


God of War Ragnarok is a breathtaking and thrilling game that seamlessly combines action and adventure to create an unforgettable Norse saga. The writing, acting, and combat is all top-notch, making it a masterpiece from every angle. Respectful of its predecessors yet daring to go in new directions, it is the ultimate sequel, showcasing that it’s possible to pay homage to the past while pushing the boundaries. This game is a towering achievement, setting a new standard for its peers to measure up to.

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