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5 websites you won’t believe exists

Reading Time: 3 minutes – learn through hacking

5 websites you won't believe exists - learn through hacking

About Hacksplaining and ethical hacking

On the internet, you can find millions and millions of articles and youtube videos on web vulnerabilities. However, this information is presented in a chaotic matter and requires too much effort to comprehend its content.

So here is This awesome website tries to achieve something really important and that is to educate all web developers on security issues. This is done through an unorthodox method. Learn to protect yourself against security vulnerabilities through hacking. In other words, they are teaching you how to become a white hat hacker (an ethical security hacker).

What is important to learn

All web developers know that web security is not something to ignore and in order to achieve it, it takes a lot of effort. It’s difficult and if you are not an expert, things can go south quite bad. It’s a task of utmost concern that must be integrated into the building stages of the website, not applied afterwards.

The content is presented in a visually appealing and interactive way to the user. This method makes the learning process easier. The students are getting expert answers to the issues that today’s developers encounter in their endeavour to achieve security consciousness. – get knowledge and answers - get knowledge and answers

A different kind of search engine

The website is a different kind of search engine, not like the one you are used to (e.g The basic idea behind the engine is very simple. You type your input or your question and the website will compute answers based on algorithms and high-level knowledge.

How does it work? From simple to complex

It works with simple questions like “1+1” or with more complex ones. Let’s try to solve a hard math problem “integrate x^2 cos^3x dx”. The results will blow your mind; of course, this works with questions that concern different fields of expertise. Wolfram Alpha’s search topics are divided into four main categories. We have Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, and Everyday Life. Each of the previously mentioned categories has its own subtopics underneath. – open source clones of popular websites

5 websites you won't believe exists - open source clones of popular websites

Popular websites at your fingertips

This is one of our favourites. Have you ever wondered how famous websites were built? And I am talking about one of the largest and most popular web apps like Airbnb, Amazon, Instagram, Netflix, Tiktok, Spotify, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc. You can find information such as source code, tutorials, demo links, tech stack, and GitHub stars count. Very helpful if you are a junior developer or even a senior one. You might never know what you could learn from someone else code. And if you are a passionate developer, you’ll spend months going through all the resources. – crowdsourced software recommendations - crowdsourced software recommendations

As the name of the domain suggests, the Alternativeto website promotes free alternatives to paid software, websites and applications. Did you know there are 117 alternatives to Netflix or 232 alternatives to Adobe Photoshop? You’re welcome 😁… and the list keeps going.

Because this is a crowdsourced software recommendation website you have the chance to contribute as well. So, if you have any unique alternatives to any websites or applications you can sign up and submit your recommendation. – disappear from the internet - disappear from the internet

Did you ever try to delete your account from any of the popular social network platforms? If yes, how easy was it to delete your account? Did it take more than 15 mins? Accountkiller is here to help you with easy-to-follow instructions.